Business Startup Mentoring & Coaching

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Just starting out with your new business?

Need some direction, support and encouragement from experienced business mentors and coaches based locally to Herefordshire?


Are you looking to start you own business but need to know what to do and where to start and how to get your new business off the ground?

If you can answer yes to this question then you are definitely in the right place and we would love to invite you to apply to join the HMBiz Startup Academy.
  • Create a plan and structure for your business
  • Identify who your ideal client is and where to find them
  • Structure your business and streamline your tasks
  • Create and structure a discovery call to gain your first client
  • Ensure your business is legal and insured
  • Identify software and workflows to enable you work more efficiently 
  • Develop a pricing strategy based on what your worth
  • Identify additional services that can be offered​

At the HMBiz Startup Academy our goal is to help you to build and grow your idea into a healthy business that gives you the lifestyle you choose. The HMBiz Startup Academy is an 8 week program and by the end of the course you will be equipped with everything you need to get your business off the ground!

The Startup Academy follows a structured program to help you start up and grow your business in a straightforward and structured format over just 8 weeks.

Modules 1, 2 & 3 are all about developing your business from the initial idea through to creating a plan and designing your prices. 

Module 1: Where do we start?

Discover why you are choosing the business you have and where you want to be in 5 years time.

Module 2: What is your Strategy?

Create a business plan to give you and your business a clear direction.

Module 3: What is your price?

What services are you going to offer and how do you price them.


Modules 4 & 5 are all about developing processes to attract the right customers and clients for your business.

Module 4: Who are your customers?

Develop your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and decide on a niche market. 

Create and review your marketing strategy and discover all the ways you can find customers and clients.

Module 5: How do I create a brand?

Develop your brand to increase the sales structure using marketing techniques


Modules 6 & 7 are all about developing your business structure and financial requirements.

Module 6: What is your company structure?

Develop your knowledge of company structures, taxes and financial requirements

Module 7: What other requirements should I know?

Discover the main systems and programs you can used to help you to be more productive.


Module 8 is all about developing day to day workflows to ensure you are providing all the services that your clients need and require.

Module 8: What are the workflows and automations?

Develop the workflows for all the services your provide and how you can deliver them consistently. Plus identify other advisory services that you can offer at additional prices.

Interested in joining the HMBiz Startup Academy? Email for a chat about it.