Shobdon Food & Flying Festival: HMBiz Highlights

Meeting Jane Beadle at Shobdon F&F 2019

With this months Shobdon F&F Festival cancelled, we look back at two great years of sponsorship of the Demonstration Tent!

Back to 2018 where Herefordshire Means Business begin their first Shobdon Festival. Kim arrived back from Rome only the day before when we set up the gazebo in the boiling sun.

We all enjoyed an amazing first day, including me (Ollie) and Sandra getting to meet Val off Bake-Off - and even getting a cheeky slice of cake! The weather was perfect, except for the one-off downpour whilst I was tucking into some Paella. That evening we all had an amazing time at the Rat-Pack!

On Sunday, we were visited by more TV Stars, with Boycie even coming for a photo with the HMBiz Car. We also got a very special visit from two Storm-Troopers! All in all, the whole team had a great time - except for the sunburn that followed!

The HMBiz Team enjoyed it so much that we returned a year later to the Herefordshire Means Business Demonstration Tent. This time, I ran a 'guess the number of bones' competition based around the Facebook page of our dog Edgar ( for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. It raised £106.08 which was kindly matched by Matt Teale. Seth Allmark guessed closest, winning the teddy and other dog gifts! This time, Jane Beedle visited us after her demonstration! After 5 years, I enjoyed my last paella, this on the house from Mark at Key Cottage Catering.

All in all, we all had some great times! Although it is a shame there won't be another this year, we cannot wait till 2021!


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