Coronavirus Small Business Survey Results

We have compiled the results of our recent survey to gain an insight how Herefordshire's Small Business Community has been affected by the Coronavirus Restrictions.

We had over 100 responses and some interesting results. The main highlights are as follows:

The first question asked how businesses have been impacted financially by Coronavirus. Incredibly, over 95.% of businesses said they had been affected.

We then asked in what ways has the coronavirus situation impacted your business. Nearly 80% said they had had projects/bookings/contracts either cancelled or postponed and over 60% have had clients in-person meetings cancelled.

The next question asked, in percentage bands, how much monthly income has been reduced by. The results show that just under 45% of businesses have had 100% of their monthly income reduced and over 20% have had 80% of their monthly income reduced.

The next question asked, what measures are small businesses taking to protect themselves. Shockingly, 11% of people said that they were considering going back into employment while 28% were looking at how to deliver in-person services online.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.

We wish you all much success in your business and hope you all keep safe.

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