Why Exhibit and Attend the Herefordshire Means Business Expo?

People buy from people. In our digital world, the Herefordshire Means Business Expo can give your business a fantastic marketing advantage from just £100! Attending this event, you get the opportunity to meet, connect and build relationships with prospective customers face-to-face.

Exhibiting at the Herefordshire Means Business Expo is an investment. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach qualified audiences, reaping benefits in the long term by turning leads into loyal customers.

Only 12% of the average exhibitors stand traffic has been contacted by that business in the previous 12 months - the remaining 88% are new prospects.

Exhibitions are the perfect platform for meeting key people and potential customers - giving you the opportunity to market your business face-to-face.

If you've not exhibited before, make sure you bring materials to promote your business - from custom-built exhibition stands, banners and graphics to take-away marketing literature and promotional gifts.

You should try and talk to as many people as possible, learn about their business and take their business card. You’ll need it to do a follow up after the event.

Make sure you can clearly communicate who you are and what your business is about.

Start now and tell people your attending the Expo use direct mail, e-newsletters, social media and PR to raise your profile ahead of the event this in turn could generate more leads for your business.

Remember, the Expo doesn’t end when you’ve left the venue. In fact, in most cases this is when the important work starts. Make sure you follow up with all the leads you’ve generated and the people you’ve spoken to.

You need to keep your business at the front of your prospects minds by staying in touch after the event. This increases the chance of converting your leads into long-term relationships and sales as well as recommendations.

Send an email or personal messages inviting them to stay in touch, perhaps by connecting on social media.

Many sales can be completed at the event, or soon after. However, some relationships will take months or even years to translate into a sale. Staying in touch helps maximise your long-term return from the event.

With the right preparation, the Herefordshire Means Business Expo can provide an excellent platform for building brand awareness and generating sales leads. Attending can offer your business the chance to connect with current and prospective partners and customers.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, please visit the website www.hmbiz.co.uk

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