Expo Top Tips for Exhibitors and Visitors

With the next Expo under a week away we thought we would share some advice for Exhibitors to ensure you have a great day.


Don’t miss opportunities. Make sure that you man your stand to enable you to engage with Expo visitors and your potential new clients.

Giveaways are great. To allow you to capture that contact information, a freebie or offer for visitors who leave you a card is a wonderful idea.

Follow up your leads. You’ve made lots of new contacts, chatted to people and got their information so don’t waste this fantastic opportunity. Within a week or so of the Expo, why not drop new contacts a tweet or an email to strengthen a new business relationship?

The Expo will provide you with many fantastic opportunities for your business. Here are a few helpful hints to make sure that your day is as successful as possible.


Make sure that you have a ready supply of business cards/contact information for your business. As well as making new contacts yourself, you want to give other businesses the opportunity to link with you. A notepad and pen are also handy for you to make notes during the day.

Make sure you are wearing cool, comfortable clothing as these events often tend to be busy and can sometimes get warm. Don’t forget your feet too, make sure that footwear is

Be open and make the most of having a host of potential new contacts ready and raring to chat to you about your business. A friendly smile goes a long way and don’t be nervous about approaching an exhibitor.

DON’T FORGET to book your FREE entrance ticket to receive a goody bag!!

Updated: November 3, 2016

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