Special VIP to visit...

We are really excited to announce that we have a very special visitor to the Ross on Wye Means Business Expo on Tuesday 12th July at the Chase Hotel.

Mo the Donkey and his owner Charlotte Sullivan will be with us with Moses making appearances at the Expo. He is often accompanied by Bessie the bull terrier. He regularly enjoys himself visiting school fetes, Christmas fairs and even birthday parties, but now his fame is set to spread even wider as his adventures are about to be told in a series of books.

The children’s books, illustrated beautifully by a long time friend, tell a delightful story from love of pets to weddings, and all set in Ross on Wye.

We are sure children would be thrilled to read a story about one of their local heroes, who they have met and perhaps even taken a ride on.

Come and say Hello to Moses at the Ross on Wye Means Business Expo where signed copies of the book will also be available to buy.

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