Rich Beale

Operations Director

Everyone knows Rich. He is the serial networker and came up with the idea for Herefordshire Means Business. Rich also organises the event programmes and speakers for all our networking events.

Expertise: Xero * Bookkeeping * Social Media * Networking * Consulting * Training

Favourites: Football and food

Tel: 01432 620024 • Email:

Kerry Low


With over 10 years of running networking events for the Foreign Diplomats based in London, Kerry knows what is required when it comes to hosting our networking events!

Expertise: Events * Marketing * Consulting * Training

Favourites: Walking and Exercise

Tel: 01432 266312 • Email:

Richard Low

Art / Creative

With 10 years in the sign trade and 20 years in the design industry Richard knows what's needed when it comes to getting noticed, either in print, online or outside.

Expertise: Design * Marketing * Signs * Typography

Favourites: Cycling and Football

Tel: 01432 266312 • Email:

Julie Allmark

Administrative Director

Julie is the proof that women can multi-task! Not only does she bring up 6 children, but brings to the office her administrative and communication skills. She also  helps out with the social media when needed.

Expertise: Blogging * Social Media Management * Accounts

Favourites: Walking and Classical/Choral Music

Kim Beale

Digital Media Director

Kim hates having her photo taken! Really! Kim is the ultimate backbone when it comes to our social media promotions, networking and marketing. She is also involved with event preparations.

Expertise: Blogging * Bookings * Facebook * Twitter * Social Media Management

Favourites: Hereford Football Club, Take That and Curries

Tel: 07730 434723 • Email:

Sue Beament

Event and Administrative Assistant

Sue loves soaking up the sun and going on holidays! After 17 years in the police, and when she is not away :) Sue’s Administration and organisation skills bring calm and order to the office and our networking events.

Expertise: Administration * Communication * Networking

Favourites: Sunshine and Chocolate